Our profile

The RogueXD Creative Agency and Studio have been in existence since 2000. The Agency and Studio were initially operating under Blue Apple Investments (Pvt) Ltd, before being moved to Blue Apple’s sister company, The Cranium Creative Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd and branded as B.A.D. We have over 25 years experience in the creative services industry. Initially the Creative Agency was set up as a one man, house call, independent creative consultancy. Services included backup support to advertising agencies; filling in temporary gaps and mopping up work overflow.


Our focus areas

Our work spans across video production, digital and print graphic design & production, digital marketing, brand development, strategy development, web development, photography & much more. Our model is simple!

Graphics design & Print media

Web Development​ & Digital Marketing

We are the masters of our art.
From concept development to production and delivery.

photography & Print media

Executive Creative Director

We take pride in creating high end creative work that help our clients to create greater value for their products and services.