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One thing we know very well is the commitment and desire we have, to see you succeed. We are very innovative and although we may not know everything; we know exactly how to get it all done most profitably for our clients.

Design is a well-defined process of creativity and if your work is not a result of this process, it may be priced lower, but, it will cost you more. All our work follows as near scientific a process as creativity can. Minimize your creative and design risk; follow the more profitable process with us. It has taken us 25 years to fine-tune our process.

RogueXD has been in business since 2000, but, we have over 25 years of experience in the creative services industry. Initially it was set up as a one-man, house call, independent creative consultancy. Services included backup support to advertising agencies; filling in temporary gaps and mopping up work overflow. This way RogueXD indirectly supplied services to a wide range of large corporates; designing Annual Reports; Financial Publications, Brochures, Adverts, Logos and various other marketing collateral.

In response to a changing environment and the growth of our direct client base, RogueXD transformed into a boutique creative agency and has operated this way to date. We believe it’s time to shift gears and are making some changes to grow. Being the responsive and highly adaptable people we are, we are once again responding to current and anticipated shifts in both the environment and our clients’ demands.

To take charge of this transformation, we have put together a team of very creative, passionate, experienced consultants to form the core of the RogueXD strategic team.

Our consultants specialise in Concept Development, Illustration, Advertising and Graphic Design for various communication need as well as creating general marketing collateral.


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